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Marson Elevator was set up on 1993 from an ambitious and far-sighted vision by Mark will Son. He had simply thought of something which had not been there before: a company completely devoted to the customer, emphasizing the quality of their achievements. Which is today leading international Elevator company in the world.

We export elevators around 45 countries in the world. Also we supply elevators to domestic market. We take the opportunity to introduce ourselves as one of the leading elevator manufacturing plant in GERMANY, TURKEY & CHINA. The factory is equipped with modern and advanced technological facility for the manufacturing and elevator testing tower. The merit of our company is to offer a comprehensive service around in the world with our clients. We can ensure timely delivery end to end quality management and budget complete. Our every employee believes value engineering is an important part of our work and we provide solution not just products. our teams of qualified experienced engineers and technicians can create build to client’s specifications whatever the challenge. Our clients are insured the highest level of product quality. Our mission is to provide high quality service product combined with trusted client partnerships and to maintain high health and safety levels and solutions to the client needs.

  • Monitoring continuous improvement through learning and development.
  • Innovation and creativity in solving problems.
  • An empowered, committed and motivated work force.


MARSONElevators’ reference market place has no boundaries. Nowadays in society, the steady increase in urbanisation rates is creating a higher need for a vertical development in cities which, in turn, requires more sophisticated and vertical mobility from the point of view of functionality and safety. MARSONElevators’ productivity has exponentially grown over the years in relation to the requirements of an increasingly demanding marketplace. Our company is currently Factorying towards a global marketplace in which it is challenged by the fulfilment of demands for top quality, aesthetic, functional, cutting-edge-technology products.

Our Market

Albania, Algeria, Australia, Austria, Croatia, Cameroon, Egypt, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Lebanon, Kuwait, Malta, Moldova, Montenegro, Poland, Qatar, Republic of San Marino, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Singapore, Slovenia, Switzerland, Syria, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom


Superior Quality with Modern Degine

Home Elevator

Single Passenger Residential Elevator

Passenger Elevator

450kg to 1600kg

Hospital Elevator

1600Kg to 2000Kg

High Rise Elevator

Up to 10 m/s, 1000kg to 2000kg

Escalator/ Moving Walk

Superior Performance For The Smooth Line Escort

Car Elevator

Next Generation Elevator

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