High Speed Elevator

High-speed traction motor

The magnet steel is made of special rare earth permanent magnetic material and could resist temperature up to 180 ℃, which can effectively avoid the accidents caused by demagnetization under high temperature. The brake has pass the trial of 20 million tests and gives a very stable and smooth performance . Double structural support make the motor have a better load distribution and stable base structure, thus it runs more steady and smooth with a long life up to 20 years.

Advanced control technology

Four-quadrant frequency conversion control is the most advanced frequency conversion control solution in the industry. It contains energy regeneration technology and advanced torque feed-forward technology, Which the control element is simple and the system integration level is higher.

Heavy car system

Car wall adopts streamlined design to effectively reduce the friction between car wall and air. It also adopts rotary ventilation holes and labyrinthine car door seal structure to reduce noise and improve riding comfort. car top and car bottom adopt double sound insulation structure, which effectively cuts off the noise caused by air friction for passengers.