Hospital Elevator

Ultra-quiet, Energy saving, New green driving force

As the Elevatoring power, permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machine reduces the energy loss of the reduction box of the traditional geared tractor and improves the transmission efficiency. Compared with the traditional motor, it can save more than 30% energy, reduce noise and vibration to the greatest extent, and improve the comfortableness of the product. Besides, we strenthen the car frame structure and adopts extra shock-absorbing measures to reduce vibration. M900H is designed for hospital use in all aspects.

Intelligent Control, Precise and Reliable

Benefited from the control of high-precision encoder, the speed detection accuracy is rather high and the elevator stops very precisely.

Heavy car system

Car wall adopts streamlined design to effectively reduce the friction between car wall and air. It also adopts rotary ventilation holes and labyrinthine car door seal structure to reduce noise and improve riding comfort. car top and car bottom adopt double sound insulation structure, which effectively cuts off the noise caused by air friction for passengers.